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Which Mechanical Pitching Adjustments to Make Right Now

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to pitch an entire season when you know a pitcher has poor mechanics or in order to improve velocity, control or reducing sore arms, to wait until after the season to fix the problem. Does that make any sense? Of course not. As I have said many […]

Need a quick 2-3 mph to start the season – Bard vs college pitcher

I would suggest to you that any instructor or team for that matter who is using such a device has little understanding of how the lower body is supposed to produce power. The problem that is created by this device is what we are continuously correcting during lessons. Imagine it produces the opposite effect as […]

Velocity is not about arm strength

Honestly, I really thought after so many years at this that the nonsense would subside. Not. Yes… there are coaches out there recommending throwing wiffle balls and tennis balls as hard as you can. What about softballs? Using softballs, which are 12″ and 6.8 oz. as opposed to a baseball, which is 5″ and 5 […]

Wiffle Balls or Softballs? Your Choice.

“I have seen those strange training methods and I would like to hear your comments. Recently used at my kid’s High School by his pitching coach, he trains the pitchers with “SOFTBALLS” and at the end of the practice session they switch to the standard baseball. Of course all the pitchers when they started throwing […]

Why Not Start Using This Magic Bullet To Boost Your Velocity

We do lessons year in and year out of pitchers at all levels. We do video analysis year in and year out. And do you know what is the single biggest problem we see with all pitchers? A lack of stabilization strength… So you should assume that your son, whether a youth or high school […]

Don’t stretch – instead warm-up

The research came out in 2004 that says you should not stretch before an action like pitching. Two things occur. You lose velocity and increase the risk of injury. But who is reading the research? Seems not high school or college coaches or MLB players. They continue to stretch and many continue with lower body […]

10 things that reduce performance and increase the risk of injury

Here are some things you should know if you want to maximize pitching performance… all based on sports science research: 1. To gain more pitching velocity, a faster and a longer stride away from the rubber should be emphasized. (move slow and you will throw slow) 2. Focus on developing smooth actions so the delivery […]

You can’t fire a canon from a canoe!!!

Can you picture that scene? Firing a canon from a canoe. What’s the problem? The problem is the same problem that pitchers have. A poor base of stability at the beginning of their delivery and again at landing. So you line up the canon to the target from the back of the canoe. Ready – […]

What pro scouts look for in prospects

The MLB amateur draft is an exciting time of year. When should a high school pitcher start preparing for the draft or college? As soon as his freshman year of baseball is over… You had better start getting ready to be the best you can be much sooner than you think. The competition is fierce […]

Video reveals how to gain at least 5 mph in 90 days or less

How to build safe, efficient high velocity mechanics and 5 mph in 90 days or less Now that most of the high school and college seasons are over, everyone pretty much realizes that their sons still have lot of room for improvement. With this Memorial Day sale we want you all to have an opportunity […]

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